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Hello! My name is Dmitrii Semakov. I'm from Russia, Sankt-Petersburg.

Have a patent for a utility model in Russian Federation (133028).

If you are interested to use the patent for this device, I am happy to consider your offer.

Thank you!

This device is designed primarily for car drivers!

I live in a big city where a lot of cars. Autumn, winter and spring - in city dirty and damp. In summer, all of the city dust settles on the leaves of the trees and then with the rain falls on the sidewalks and roads. Since the city does not have covered parking, cars parking in yards or on the road. The car of parking the road, even in a residential area, per night and covered with a layer of dirt.

Car wash every day is not only expensive and a waste of time, but also pointless, because the next morning the machine will again be dirty. Service car washes are mostly taxi and those who are important to the car was clean. Most of the owners (especially personal vehicles) use the services of an automatic car wash is rare.

But if the dirt on the car does not affect its driving performance, then to even begin to operate a vehicle, you need to glass clean. Front and rear windows of the car are cleaning brushes, and the side windows and mirrors have to be cleaned manually. Use a damp cloth, which gets dirty - unpleasant, besides the dirty rag not throw anywhere and it needs to be put in the car.

Therefore, the drivers for quick cleaning windows and mirrors are mainly used two devices: Spray bottle and Wiper. Its use does not get dirty hands, but they take place in the car. Good when the machine is large, but if the machine is small - these 2 devices occupy a lot of space.

My device - combines Spray bottle and Wiper. It are easy to use, it takes up less space and is easy to transport in a car!

"Other inventions of the author"