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A pair of essential oils have proven effective in the treatment and prevention of respiratory diseases.

They proved particularly effective in the prevention of colds and influenza virus from which people can even die!!!

Today, there are a variety of devices for inhalation with essential oils, each of which has its own disadvantages:

1. Inhaler Maholda. This device is made of glass, it is difficult to manufacture, fragile, has a high price and it is dangerous to give into the hands of a child.

Inhaler Maholda

2. Pocket inhaler (such devices there are many). It is a tightly closed cylinder with one hand and having a semicircular shape with a small hole on the other side. Semicircular portion designed for partial introduction into the nasal cavity. The cylinder has openings for the passage of air inside the cylinder. On the cylinder cap is screwed tightly, protecting it from drying track. Inside the capsule is placed material impregnated with a mixture of essential oils. This device is designed primarily for short-term relief of breathing and improve the nasal passages.

Pocket Inhaler

There are other devices for inhaled essential oils, which have different manufacturing complexity, but all of the existing units have 3 major drawbacks: 1 - is that for inhalation, the user needs to specifically allocate time; 2 - to take a special position; 3 - complexity for use by children.

My device has the following advantages:

1. It has a compact size;

2. Low cost of production;

3. It does not require special conditions for transport and storage;

4. Does not require any special time for the procedure inhalation, in which time you can go about their daily business. You can use while you sleep;

5. Not required of a user of a special body position during inhalation;

6. Is convenient and comfortable for use by children - the process of inhalation can be turned into a game, if use the cheerful design;

7. Through the use of a small amount of drugs by inhalation, the use of an inhaler does not cause discomfort to the people around them;

8. It does not take long to carry out medical tests, in order to start selling;

9. With this device you can not only make the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases. You can also do aromatherapy and solve the problems of the nervous system and sleep disturbances.

10. No need to insert anything into the nose!!!

Proposed my device consists of only three parts (picture 1, 2): 1 - small piece of adhesive plaster (1), 2 - capsule to protect the adhesive plaster and the skin of a person from contact the essential oil (5) (capsule can be circular, triangular, oblong or any other shape), 3 - a piece of porous material in the capsule, impregnated with essential oil (3)

Picture 1.                                              Picture 2.


Picture 3. Using the device                                        Picture 4. Using the device

Hello! My name is Dmitrii Semakov. I'm from Russia, Sankt-Petersburg.

Have a patent for a invention in Russian Federation (2533949).

If you are interested to use the patent for this device, I am happy to consider your offer.

Thank you!

PS: The figure below shows a similar device - the closest analogue (patent US 6244265 B1).
It can be seen that the use of this device volatiles of essential oils will be more exposed to the eyes than the nose...

Patent US 6244265 B1


The next device to be inserted into the nose, which is not very nice...

Patent WO 2011026952

"Other inventions of the author"