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Removable float

While fishing for bait fishing line breaks very often and this time lost the float. During the fishing season every fisherman loses a few floats, therefore, the most sought-after commodity among fishing equipment are simple floats.

Simple floats, usually made of wood or plastic, they give a different shape and coated with different color inks.

The retail price of a simple float in Russia starts at $ 2, so those fishermen who fished a lot of interest in that their costs of floats were less. Thus, in the Russian fishermen themselves have learned to do very practical the cheap and floats out of the ordinary plastic tubes (or tubes for a cocktail).

Follow the link below you can see how these floats do at home (very simple):


Such floats are already on sale and have low cost (Fig. 1)

Device for leveling the tiles

Fig. 1. Floats of plastic tubes


But these floats have the same drawbacks as the simple floats:

These floats are mounted to the fishing line only in the lower part! Typically, this compound movably, and this means that the float can be used only as a "the sliding." That the float didn't slide and it could be used with the set depth, on a fishing line it is possible to establish lock elements, but in this case the float will have all the same bad stability in water. That the float didn't slide and was steady in water, for this purpose use a rubber ringlet with which attach a middle part of a float to a fishing line.

From here the main lack of such floats follows - that to remove a float from a fishing line or to replace, it is necessary to cut a fishing line and to remove other fishing adaptations!

There are many fishermen who have not large number of different fishing adaptations - they have a fishing rod or a spinning - but thus they use them for various methods of fishing. In this case often there is a need quickly to attach a float, to remove it or to change for another - especially if in one case it is necessary to use a float on the set depth, and in other case as "the sliding". But in this case, all these actions demand to cut a fishing line and to remove from it other fishing adaptations (a hook, a sinker, etc.).

The idea of my invention consists in thinking up a design of a float which will be simple in production and to have the low cost of production, but thus it can be used and as the float regulated on depth and as the "the sliding" float, and thus, a float it is possible to attach to a fishing line and to remove from a fishing line, without cutting it and without removing from a fishing line other fishing adaptations.

This float is especially useful when the fishing rod is folded and folded takes up very little space!!!

In figures 2, 3 and 4 the design of my float with small alternativeness of production is presented.


Fig. 2.                                                                         Fig. 3.

Fig. 4.

(1) - plastic tube;

(2), (3) and (7) - places where walls of a tube are soldered;

(6) - a fishing line;

(8) and (10) - metal paper clips by means of which it is possible to attach a float to a fishing line and which allow to fix a float with sliding and without sliding;

(5) - slit, through which the fishing line can be fastened on the lower end of the float.

Hello! My name is Dmitrii Semakov. I'm from Russia, Sankt-Petersburg.

Have a patent for a invention in Russian Federation (2563582)

If you are interested to use the patent for this device, I am happy to consider your offer.

Thank you!

"Other inventions of the author"