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Connector electrical wiring #5

To connect the electrical wires are very popular electrical terminals of the company "Wago", which are presented in figure 1.

Connector electrical wiring

Fig. 1. Connector electrical wiring "Wago"

Their advantage is that they are very small in size and are ideal for use when installing wiring razed. However, their disadvantage is that the wires connected thereto on one side only, in some cases is the inconvenient decision.

The pictures below shows the structure of my connection terminal for electrical wires, with a similar structure as in "Wago", but the wires to the device can be connected to two (opposite) sides.

Connector electrical wiring

Fig. 2. Connector electrical wiring #5

Connector electrical wiringConnector electrical wiringConnector electrical wiring

Fig. 3. Connector electrical wiring #5 - the pressure plate and the core (3 variation)

Connector electrical wiring #5: 16 - electric tire; 19 - clamping uvulas; 30 - false wall.


These electric terminals advantage that electrical wires can be inserted from two sides, each electric wire is clamped at two points!!!

Hello! My name is Dmitrii Semakov. I'm from Russia, Sankt-Petersburg.

Have a patent for a utility model in Russian Federation (157354).

If you are interested to use the patent for this device, I am happy to consider your offer.

Thank you!

"Other inventions of the author"