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Fishing device

Everyone knows the traditional device for fishing, which consists of fishing rods, fishing reels and line, equipped with float, hook and sinker. This device is made by different companies and in different versions. Fishing rods are one piece, teams or folding (eg, telescopic). Reels for fishing lines also have a huge number of different designs. However, for the very process of fishing line and hook enough. All other equipment is necessary, for the convenience of the process of catching fish. For example, the coil is needed for quick and easy coiling and uncoiling of fishing line, fishing rod helps to cast the baited hook some distance from the user, and the float is a visual signaling device.

The main drawback of this conventional device is its size, even in the case where the fishing rod is collapsible (e.g., telescopic) structure. This means that such a device to take a trip, mainly when the advance planning fish. However, there are situations in life when a person who does not plan to fish, but it turns out at the water, and he has the desire to catch fish. For example, during the expedition and hiking or travel. Also, such a need arises from the victims and survivors of the disaster, for example, in a shipwreck. It is known that rescue kits, water-related, as a rule include a coil of fishing line with a hook, but in this case, to carry out fishing process is inconvenient, because the line must be kept in the hands or something to fix without the possibility to easily and quickly unwound and unwinding.

I myself love to fish and often find themselves at the time of travel from any body of water, I'm sorry that I do not have anything with him, with the help of which you can catch fish. Then, I began to take a fishing line with a hook. While the water is easy to find a place where you can omit the baited hook into the water for the fish just holding the other end of the fishing line in his hand. Thus it is possible to fish and have fun, feeling the fingers as the fish are biting.

So I had the idea of a simple and compact but convenient devices for catching fish that can be taken in any journey.

My device for fishing consists of a housing 1 with an axis 2, which is rotatably located in both sides of the drum 3 to the fishing line 4 equipped with a handle 5 for its rotation. The device is provided with a mechanism for locking and / or limiting the rotation of the drum 3 in one direction or another (not shown). The case is 1 from the back side is provided with a strap fastens 6, with the ability to wear a device on the wrist or on another object oblong.

To catch fish, the user secures the device to the wrist of one of their own hands with the help of the strap 6, puts the bait fish on the hook 11. Then, working with his hand to the device over the water, the second hand unwinds the line 4 from the drum 3 by rotating it with using the handle 5. working 11 hook baited under the weight of the working sinkers 12 is lowered into the water, and the user at the same time the line passes between the fingers, on which the device is fixed. Thus the process of fishing, during which the user feels the bite itself fingers. The process of hooking a fish hand occurs, which wears the device, a second hand is a process of winding the fishing line onto the drum 3, 4 and pulling the fish out of the water.

Connector electrical wiring

Fig. 1.

Connector electrical wiring

Fig. 2.

The advantage of this device is its small size, which may allow it to take any trip or use as part of equipment destined for survival.

The disadvantages of the device may include only that it has no fishing rod, and, in the embodiment described above, use can be used, being just above the water. But being near the water, usually, you can easily find a place: boat, life raft, bridge, dangling over the water tree protruding rocks, etc. In this case, the device can use the strap 6 mounted on a tree branch hanging over the water, or stick, making out of it improvised fishing rod.

If this device will appear in the mass sales, has big chances of getting more popular among non-professional fishing enthusiasts!

This summer we rested with wife on the Cote d'azur. Two days I went fishing with a fishing rod and managed to catch only 3 fish. While shooting this video, 30 minutes for bread caught 6 fish!

Hello! My name is Dmitrii Semakov. I'm from Russia, Sankt-Petersburg.

Currently obtained a utility model in the Russian Federation for this device (168818).

International application is also submitted!!!

If you are interested to use the patent for this device, I am happy to consider your offer.

Thank you!

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