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Device for leveling the tiles #4

When laying tiles on a surface veneering necessary that between the tiles are identical seams and the tiles have to be aligned in the same plane.

To do this, there are now many different devices. But when a small amount of tiling work, it makes no sense to buy an expensive device.

One of the cheapest and most commonly purchased devices are crosses. But they only help you align the seams between the tiles. And thus there is no inexpensive devices to align the tile in the plane.

To align the tiles in the plane now gone on sale devices that are shown in Fig. 1 and 2.


Fig. 1                                                                                                       Fig. 2

However, such devices have the following disadvantages:

1. To use some of these devices require additional special equipment (Fig. 2);

2. After use, the device is removed using a shock force;

3. One of such devices is a one-time, the second also eventually destroyed.

In fig. 3 my device which consists of a working body (1), the bottom support disk (2) is presented, and the thread (5), which has a loop (7) at the top.

Device for leveling the tiles

Fig. 3. Device for leveling the tiles #4 - front view

Device for leveling the tiles

Fig. 4. Working body - top view

Device for leveling the tiles

Fig. 5. Device for leveling the tiles #4 - side view

Supporting disk (2) is installed under the tiles, the working body (1) is placed on top, loop thread (5) is put on the hook (9). Then, the working body (1) is rotated due to this becomes shorter the thread (5), and the working body is pressed against the tiles (10).

Once the glue hardens, the thread is cut.

The present device has the following advantages:

1. The device is easy to use and does not require additional equipment;

2. The device has a simple structure and a low manufacturing cost;

3. Consumable parts is the small supporting disk (2);

4. On the supporting disk (2) can be the ribs which will define the thickness of the seams between the tiles.

5. It is necessary my 18 devices instead of 54 for laying of 18 tiles!

Figure 6 shows possible supporting disk.

Figure 7 shows the possible options for placing the device in the seams between the tiles.

Fig. 6. Supporting disk


Fig. 7.


Fig. 8.


Hello! My name is Dmitrii Semakov. I'm from Russia, Sankt-Petersburg.

At the moment, Have a patent for a utility model in Russian Federation (167957).

Also pending invention in the Russian Federation (2016142967).

There is an opportunity for the international patenting (till September 2017).

If you are interested to use the patent for this device, I am happy to consider your offer.

Thank you!

"Other inventions of the author"